My dog gets nervous in the car

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My dog gets very nervous in the car, she is a chihuahua and is a wreck every time we have to go on long road trips or on vacation.She also ​suffers from motion sickness and gets really upset in crates. Is there anything I can give her to calm her down before a trip?


By Atlas Pet Hospital
We do have medications out now that can help relieve the motion sickness during travel. Please feel free to call the office and schedule an appointment. We would need to perform an exam and evaluate you pet to see which options are best for her individual care. Thank you.
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My dog gets very anxious in the car, I know your struggle! Are there any herbal medications available to calm down my dog in the car?
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2 years ago
My dog gets nervous in the car too.
Thanks for the awesome response!
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2 years ago
My dog gets really nervous too, I just figured it was normal behavior among the smaller breeds. Is there anything else aside from medications that I can use to help my dog feel more comfortable when traveling? I'm kinda scared about giving my little guy meds.