Choosing a Secure UK Trading Platform

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A trading platform acts as a conduit for information between a trader and a broker. It is commonly a piece of software or an application accessible via the Internet. In recent years, individual investors have turned to online trading as their primary form of investing. In the UK, ...

What to Look for in a Trade Platform from the UK

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There are a number of different options for investors looking for a trade platform in the UK. The UK has established itself as the largest hub for trading on the foreign exchange market, with numerous brokerage services lobbying for the business of potential traders. Trading on the ...

Learning to Trade Forex with MT4

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Many investors are experiencing the benefits of trading using an online trading platform. With an increasingly widespread acceptance of the worldwide web as a functional real-time marketplace, the internet has revolutionized the trading of securities and currencies. Metatrader4 has ...

The Basics Behind Price Action Trading

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There are many different types of technical analysis that investors have used over time to try to successfully predict the fluctuation of currencies worldwide. One form of technical analysis that employs the study of basic price movement as a means of further financial speculation ...

Investors Choosing an Online Forex Trading Platform

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Over the past decade or so, online trading has become more popular. Individuals all around the world are taking advantage of investment opportunities (and making money doing so) with the simple click of a button. Not only are people investing in stocks, but they’re also investing ...

FX in the UK

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FX, or foreign exchange, is the market in which currencies are traded. The currency exchange rate is the rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another. Currency trading represents the world’s largest market, consisting of about $3.2 trillion US dollars in daily volume. Not ...

Joining the Money Management Programme

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For brokers trading on behalf of their clients online, there is a more economical way to make money for both you and your clients. Innovative brokers like Go Markets, the multi-award winning London-based foreign currency trading firm, have developed a Money Management Programme that ...

Finding Low Forex Spreads

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Spreads can play a significant factor in an investor’s profitability while trading on the foreign exchange market. Many traders search tirelessly online to find the narrowest spreads. When trading at extremely high volumes, every pip (percentage in point) counts. Today, with the help ...

Investing Using Leverage on the FX

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The concept of leverage has been used as a means of increasing the potential return on investments using options, futures, or margin accounts. In the foreign exchange market, leverage is used in very much the same way. Investors use leverage to profit from changes in the exchange ...

Learn Forex Trading

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For most common traders, the foreign exchange market is relatively unfamiliar ground. Until more recently, currency exchange was not common practice for the retail investor. Instead, foreign currency investment was dominated by large financial institutions, big money investors, and ...

How to Trade Currencies

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For many young investors, the foreign exchange market can seem like a new world. Learning about currency fluctuation, market trends, and underlying causes may seem like a daunting task; however, with the implementation of demo accounts, prospective traders can learn before they earn. ...

The Advantages of an FX Trading Demo Account

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What Is an FX Trading Demo?   The foreign exchange (FX or Forex) market offers nearly unlimited opportunities for investors to participate in the buying and selling of global currencies. For new investors, the FX market can be intimidating with a multitude of specialized terms ...

Find the Right FX Trading Account

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What Is an FX Trading Account?   The foreign exchange (FX) market provides exciting opportunities for investors to increase capital by taking advantage of fluctuations in the exchange rates of global currencies. Investors do not have direct access to the FX market; they can only ...


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