What is the Shinny Gloss print on business cards

What is the Shinny Gloss print on business cards?

By Sweet Print Inc.1 comments
“SPOT UV” is a clear shiny layer coating applied only in specific areas as opposed to all over coating. The Clear Shinny gloss is only applied to a specific area. Spot UV is also referred to as spot varnish, UV coating or spot gloss. It is commonly applied to on a logo or a title ...

Best Edge Printing Service for Business Cards in Toronto

62.jpgBy BigDipper1 comments
Hello,    I am looking to order new business cards and I heard that "edge printing" is the newest technology companies are offering. Can you explain what this means?   Thank you in ...AnswerHello, Thank you for your request.   Coloured edges business cards is one of our specialties. This outstanding option will make your business cards more than unique. We can now match all CMYK ...
PlayPrinted Material for Real Estate Professionals

Printed Material for Real Estate Professionals

By Sarah MacNeil0 comments
Printing Business and Real-Estate Signs   Despite technological innovations, the printing business is booming and sought after by professionals, especially in the real estate sector. Printers are employed by realtors in order to ensure target brand marketing and attractive representation. ...

Wide Format Printing in Toronto and its Many Applications

By R. Bagga0 comments
Wide format printing (also known as large format printing) uses devices that can handle large sheets of paper that are 24 inches in width or wider. Wide format printing in Toronto is a fast-growing area in the print industry, turning print graphic images into large masterpieces for ...

Tips for Getting Professional Headshots for Business Profiles

By Dean C0 comments
When you work in an industry or profession that involves extensive client interaction, professional headshots for business profiles can help add to your credibility. Establishing trust between you and your potential buyer or customer early on is crucial. And the foundation of a strong ...

Poster Printing in Toronto: A New Project Awaits!

By Sarah MacNeil0 comments
Do you have a project or vision that just cannot seem to materialize due to lack of inspiration or catalyst? If you envision sleek and savvy promotional posters for your business or posh prints hung around your home, look no further than a local printing company in the Toronto ...

Open House Signs in Toronto Attract Buyers

By Dean C0 comments
Attract Potential Buyers to Your Home   "Open House” signs in Toronto will help draw attention to tours of available homes. Most potential buyers are notified of an open house due to a sign that is placed on the front lawn of the property that's for sale. In addition, potential ...

“For Sale” Signs in Toronto Create Brand Awareness

By Minerva C0 comments
The Best First Impression in Real Estate   When a house is on the market, often the first thing that potential buyers will see is the "For Sale” sign. When done professionally, a "For Sale” sign in Toronto can make a great first impression, helping to strengthen the real estate ...

The Multiple Uses of Flatbed Printing in Toronto

By Glenna M0 comments
A Revolutionary Printing Device for Multiple Purposes   Flatbed printing in Toronto is a piece of technology that gained the interest of many marketers in the late 1980s. The revolutionary device is ideal for businesses with simple or abstract marketing ideas because it allows ...

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