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Art District Toronto Real Estate

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Art District Toronto Real Estate
Art District Toronto Real Estate 

I am interested in purchasing real estate in one of Toronto’s popular areas, the art district of West Queen West.


What can you tell me about this area and neighborhood and what are my chances of finding real estate here?


I would just love having the chance to live in an area so focused in the arts. 



By Swift Sells Toronto
Hi Ms.Campbell,
Thank you for your question regarding real estate in Toronto's art district.
West Queen West is a blossoming community.  A great deal of gentrification, condo construction and preservation are happening in this area.  Amazing shopping in non-chain stores and boutiques. Restaurants galore and easy assess to the the city via TTC Street Cars.  There are great pockets of affordable houses and condos in this area - still.  

To begin your search, makes sure you know your parameters:  Price, must-haves and nice-to- haves.  Without these you can end up being disappointed when you fall for a home that you can not afford. We often see an agent list a home substantially below what the homeowner actually expects for price.  They do this to create a bidding war based on an inaccurate pricing of the home. If they don’t get multiple offers, you will often see the home go off the market and return the following day at a substantially higher price. 
In the summer of 2015, I was working with a couple, shopping within their price point and experienced this at least 5 times on homes they did not want to compete for.  The price changes ranged from $30,000 to $240,000 more when the home returned to the market.  Very deceptive and a waste of the home buyers time (and frustrating to the sales representative). So beware.  Have your sales representative do sales price comparisons for the area, so that you know what the home should be selling for. The list price is not always the sales price.
I hope this has helped answer your question about the real estate options available in the area of west queen west Toronto.
Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any other real estate questions.
Remember to also visit the other features available on my website for more information on listings, valuable real estate related tips and advice as well as information about your real estate options.
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