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Designer Loft for Sale Toronto

By Nola
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Designer Loft for Sale Toronto
Designer Loft for Sale Toronto
I love the city of Toronto and am looking for the perfect designer loft to settle in.

Is there anything you can help me with regarding my search for my dream designer loft?

I am a first time buyer so I have many different questions.


I know there are many options especially in the downtown area but I feel that with the right help I can find it much faster.


Thank you!


By Swift Sells Toronto

Thanks for your question!

First time buyers are my specialty, so you've come to the right place with your question.


Lofts are a unique property area in the city of Toronto.  I have seen lofts in all areas and types.  I have seen stand alone buildings that are all loft apartments, to church conversions (they tend to attract a specific crowd) to 2 and 3 story loft/townhouses with new build construction.


Working with a real estate professional can help narrow your search and reduce your frustration in locating that perfect loft in your desired neighbourhood.  Finding a dream or perfect designer loft can have different meanings to different clients. Some want the loft done by a certain designer and others may want to find a barebones loft that they can bring their favourite designer into to make it their dream space.


First in your search is doing some preparation work.  Is your financial plan and purchase deposit plan in order?  If not, consult with your financial planner and get your financial house in order.


Secondly, what’s your price point?  What is the most you can afford or want to spend (monthly output for mortgage, condo fees, etc.)?  Consulting with a mortgage broker and going over your finances can get you the figures you need prior to going shopping for your dream loft.


While you are completing this work with outside professionals (those not directly involved in buying and selling real estate), have a real estate professional begin searching to see what’s available in your desired area.  This will begin to give you an idea of what is available.  Have them conduct a wide search or price ranges, sizes, and amenities to give you information to use when you are able to narrow your price point and must haves list, prior to making that first appointment to see any loft space.


Getting the footwork and pre-planning done, makes the looking for a new loft space less stressful and more of a fun experience.  It also makes it a breeze to buy when you find that perfect space, because all the pre-planning will pay off and if there is a competition for your favourite place, you will be at the advantage.


Feel free to give me a call and I can help you on this amazing journey.

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last year
really useful info for first time buyers. Thanks!
Level 4 (XP: 1150)
agreed, designer lofts are something every person who dreams about living down town wants! Sure there are other types of housing and the like but how awesome would living in a loft be?
Level 7 (XP: 2700)
2 years ago
So gorgeous...a girl can dream... :P

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