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Help finding condominiums in Toronto

By Swift Sells Toronto
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Help finding condominiums in Toronto


Help finding condominiums in Toronto


"Tim Swift recently assisted me in finding a fabulous condominium which I moved into in January 2016.  Tim took the time to develop a rapour with me and get an understanding of exactly what I was looking for.  I am a particular person and not easily pleased with service and end results. 


Tim, made himself available at times convenient to me so that I could see a few units.   Due to Tim’s understanding of the market and my requirements – the search did not take long and we found a great condo unit within a couple of weeks.  


I would recommend Tim to anybody looking for a great residential house / condo and will work with Tim if/when I make future residential home / condo purchases."


-Shane Kafka

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Toronto real estate agent
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last year
I lived in Toronto and I loved it. so much things to do!!
Level 4 (XP: 1450)
last year
That condo looks nice! I hope to buy a condo in Toronto one day
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Congratulations on your purchase!
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That's a very nice condo indeed! Congrats on getting your new condo!

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    Timothy offers such excellent and through real estate advice! Thanks Tim!

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