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Hipster Neightbourhoods in Toronto

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Hipster Neightbourhoods in Toronto


Hipster Nieghbourhoods in Toronto


Hi Tim,


I am really thinking about moving to Toronto from the suburbs because I feel I am financially secure enough to make the big move. I have always admired the city of Toronto and everything it has to offer; the only issue I’m having is how every single “popular” area in Toronto has been inundated with hipsters. (I have even linked the word to the urban dictionary because it’s a legitimate term).

I don’t mean to be a hater, but it is what it is. Perhaps you wont agree with me or my point of view but I would really appreciate your input and advice. What neighbourhood in Toronto would best suite someone like me looking to steer away from people who are “hipster-before-it-was-even-a-thing”



By Swift Sells Toronto

Hi Maria!

Thanks for contacting me about your question regarding "hipster" nieghbourhoods in Toronto. 

Moving in from the suburbs can be a culture and price shock for many.  Looking for a non-hipster neighbourhood is not hard.  The price point will likely be the shocker.  Neighbourhoods like High Park, Bedford Park, Lawrence Park, and Leaside are all family friendly neighbourhoods.  Mostly single family homes - detached and semi-detached - blanket these areas. 


These are but a few of the options.  Price points vary, as with every neighbourhood.  Be ready to spend upwards of 2-3 million for a newer or upgraded home in these areas.  There are even more expensive and exclusive neighbourhoods in the city and prices can exceed 20 million in some areas.


Like many areas of the city, there are mixed pockets of homes and residences.  When you are closer to a major arterial, there are more apartments and condos.  These residents often want to be close to public transit and other amenities that do not necessarily require owning a car.  Sitting down with a real estate professional and discussing your needs and desires can be a first step to finding the perfect, next or forever home. 


Give me a call and we can make an appointment to get you started.

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Thanks for the great information, always great to read your articles because your not judgemental or an emotional writer. thanks again for the info!

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