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Midtown Toronto Condos for Sale

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Midtown Toronto Condos for Sale
Midtown Toronto Condos for Sale

I have noticed that you sold some very nice condos in the Midtown area of Toronto In the past. Are you going to be working on selling any more condos in the Midtown Toronto area in the near future?


What can I do about getting more information about the kind of real estate in the Toronto Midtown area? 


By Swift Sells Toronto

Thanks for the question.


I can see that you have been checking out my website.  It’s the perfect place to see what an agent has been up to recently.


Yes, I live and work in Mid-town.  In 2015, it was rated the number one neighborhood in all of Toronto. It is a vibrant community undergoing major redevelopment as part of the new TTC crosstown construction.  There are great condos being built and many well established and well maintained buildings in the area.


One way to go about finding out about real estate in Mid-town would be to simply visit the area: be it Davisville, Young and Eglinton, Mt. Pleasant or St. Clair.  Each neighborhood has its own characteristics, shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment.  Some are busy, like Yonge and Eglinton and others feel like little communities.  See which feels like a good fit for you.


Next, call me or another real estate professional.  Sit and meet with them and discuss your wants and needs.  I am often found chatting with potential clients in my local coffee shop.  It is important to feel like you can get information without being pressured to go beyond this point until you are ready.


If there are specific condo buildings that you think would be a good fit, have your real state professional arrange for you to see some of the buildings.  Have a look to see what you think about the insides, the amenities.  Make appointments to see a few of the available units to see if you like the layouts.  Some condos can come off as boxy to some and spacious to others.  Your preferences are what matter most.


With Mid-Town there are over 30 new projects proposed, in pre-sales or under construction.  Have your real estate professional take you to a sales centre and see if there are floor plans or designs that feel like a good fit.  It is important to know that occupancy of these types of units are often 3-5 years in the future.  If you are looking for right away occupancy, these are not for you.


Let me know if you have more detailed questions.  I am always open to helping you get the most education you can about the game of real estate in your area.

Level 11 (XP: 5350)
2 years ago
Condos in general in the more popular areas of Toronto are an excellent investment I think. Everything is close and accessible.
Level 6 (XP: 2400)
2 years ago
Midtown Toronto condos are beautiful, mid town is one of Toronto's most popular areas :)

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