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Real Estate Near Sneaky Dees College and Bathurst

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Real Estate Near Sneaky Dee's College and Bathurst

Hi Tim!


I’ve heard that you’re the go to guy for real estate in Toronto. You know about all the hidden gems and about all the sections within the city for good eats and entertainment. I’ve lived around Toronto for some time and enjoy going to shows and concerts as I write concert reviews on my free time.


Access to the TTC and public transit is great and all but I would love to live closer to venues where I can go see local and up coming Toronto bands. I don’t know if you can help me, but do you know of any real estate available around the College and Bathurst area? Primarily close to Sneaky Dee’s? I go there often.




By Swift Sells Toronto
Hi Daria,
Thanks for your question!
When it comes to real estate near or around the following area: Sneaky Dee's (college and bathurst), it is considered a very fluid commodity at the moment. What does that mean? There is a huge, pent up demand and a very limited supply.  Many properties are in  multiple offer situations in almost every part of the city
The U of T and Little Italy areas, near Sneaky Dee's, is of course in high demand.  Detached homes in the area, easily top 1 million dollars, often needing work at that price.  For a buyer in the area, it would be best to leave your options open.  Think of townhouses, semi-detached and even condos - especially for a first time home buyer.  Prices are less competitive for these other options for housing.
When is the best time to buy with no competition? This is a good question.  Normally after school lets out in the spring (June) until Labour Day and as realtors often say “After the Santa Claus Parade” until late January.  This is the norm, which we have not experienced in a few years.  When can you get the best deal?  From my experience - between December 24 and January 2.
I hope this has helped answer your question.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to learn more about the real estate options available in Toronto. 
Thank you.
Real estate near sneky dee's
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last year
love the post.
#torontorealestate #sneakydees
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last year
awesome post, thanks for sharing
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last year
Thanks so much for the quick response! This really helps!

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