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St. Lawrence Market Condos Toronto

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St. Lawrence Market Condos Toronto
St. Lawrence Market Condos Toronto
I am noticing there are many new condos and home options popping up in the St. Lawrence market area of downtown Toronto. I think this is the perfect area for a city lover such as myself, judging by the way the market is going, do you think I will be able to buy a condo in this area soon?

Do you have any or know of any available listings? What kind of advice do you have for a first time condo buyer such as myself?


By Swift Sells Toronto

Great Questions and First Time Home Buyers are one of my Specialties.


The St Lawrence Market has had an explosion of new buildings and community improvements over the last few years.  I know of several units in the area that are available and ideal for the first time home buyer.  But there are several steps that you must complete prior to making that most important first purchase.

First time home buyers require patience and planning.  I routinely conduct First Time Home Buyer’s workshops with a team of outside professionals who explain the process to go about becoming a home buyer.


The team members include a financial planner, a mortgage broker, myself - the real estate professional, a real estate lawyer and an insurance person (for getting mortgage insurance - never go through your bank).


These team members explain things that you need to know.  The financial planner helps you get your financial house in order.  You have to plan, not only for your downpayment but for your retirements. Having an RRSP allows you to borrow from yourself, tax and interest free, as part of your downpayment.  As a first time home buyer you want to take advantage of all the programs that allow you to get that first home.


The mortgage broker will talk about how to secure a mortgage, will discuss what your short-term and long-term plans are to determine the best mortgage product for you. They will also talk about Land Transfer Tax. In Toronto, we have both provincial and city aspects to this tax.  For a first time home buyer, there are great rebates that your mortgage broker will discuss with you.  And they will help you determine how much you can borrow, what payments will be and how to help you get what you want in a first home.


I help you search for the ideal home.  We will sit and talk about what your must haves are (like 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, parking, storage, a gym or pool, etc). I will do a search in the areas of your choice and we will begin previewing homes/condos that fit this criteria. 

My job is to help make the search fun and exciting - in order to find you a great first home.


The real estate lawyer does all the paperwork around closing the sale.  They communicate directly with the seller’s lawyer and draft all the documents necessary for securing the title and ownership of this home.  They work directly with your mortgage broker and make a smooth transition for funding your sale.  You sign all our documents with the real estate lawyer about 5 business days before taking procession of your new home.


The insurance representative will talk to you about mortgage insurance and the benefits of having a policy where you are the beneficiary verse having the bank or mortgage company be the beneficiary.  It is a great way to secure your home and is something that you can take with you to your second and subsequent homes.  Well worth the discussion.


That’s a lot to take in, but all part of the process.  Beginning your process in advance, reduces the stresses and surprises that can happen, like losing out on a bidding war because you have not been pre-qualified for a mortgage.  Start early, plan and the process will unfold as you move towards home ownership.


Let me know if I can answer other questions, online or in person.

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last year
the information is very helpful. thank you
Level 4 (XP: 1450)
last year
Thanks for all the useful info Tim, this is especially helpful for people who are first time buyers and are beginning the search for a place in Toronto
Level 4 (XP: 1150)
Definitely the perfect place to walk around in the summer, so much to see and do.
Level 11 (XP: 5350)
The St. Lawrence area is so lively. I love it.

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