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Yorkville Toronto Art District Toronto

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Yorkville Toronto Art District Toronto
Yorkville Toronto Art District Toronto 

Hey Tim!


I have heard nothing but good things about the services you provide your clients and I’m finding this site to be very informative so thank you for posting all this!


I need some advice regarding beginning a search for condos in Toronto’s art district of Yorkville.


I have always been one to enjoy the arts and being as close as possible to the people and culture it attracts. Would you recommend that I look into purchasing a condo in the Yorkville area? Aside from the art, what else is the area most known for?


Any advice or tips about finding the right condo In this part of town would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



By Swift Sells Toronto
Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for reaching out to me regarding the kinds of condos available in Yorkville's art district. 

Finding the right condo in any area is subject to the preferences of you, the buyer. Yorkville tends to be on the higher end of price point, with new developments popping up regularly.  The latest one is a high, high end new build that will start at a pre-build price of $2000 per square foot - Yikes.  There are also the re purposing of the former Four-Seasons hotel and many other high end luxury condos throughout the area. 

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Yorkville has been the hub for such events as the Toronto International Film Festival. They hold many annual events in the area.


Image result for yorkville toronto film festival


Some of the finest restaurants in the city exist here as well. There is no need to cook when you have the world of food at your doorstep. The TTC is close by, the best shopping along the Yonge Bloor corridor and just about anything else you need (plastic surgery, designer clothes and high end automobiles). 




Before shopping for a home here, do your homework.  Know you price point as there are units from 400K to over 20 million dollars in the area.  Looking at the higher end when you can afford the lower end, will do nothing but disappoint.  Research is key.  Planning pays. 


I hope this has helped answer your question! Let me know how I can help.

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